check_selenium with Selenium Server 2.20.0 and Webdriver

Hi everyone,

I just pushed a new version of check_selenium to my github repository.
I generated a testcase with the current version of Selenium IDE, exported it as JUnit 4 (Webdriver) and ran it with my check. All seems to work. Hope this will help some of you to get their checks running.

As the generated testcase look a bit different, I had to strip the possibility to give url and browsertype as parameters.

New versions of Selenium

Hi everyone,

I'm aware Selenium 2.2 is out. I hadn't had the time to verify my check with this new version. A user gave me the feedback, the check is working with version 2.0. So hopefully it will also work with the newer versions.

I'll try to get my hands on the new version as soon as possible.

New version of check_selenium

I've posted on new version of check_selenium to gitorious and Nagios Exchange. It has some improvements in error logging, command line parameter parsing. I also added ant targets, to create a tar.gz file for all needed files for the plugin and two other targets to create a tar.gz for the selenium server with wrapper scripts to run it as daemon or windows service.