New version of check_selenium

I've posted on new version of check_selenium to gitorious and Nagios Exchange. It has some improvements in error logging, command line parameter parsing. I also added ant targets, to create a tar.gz file for all needed files for the plugin and two other targets to create a tar.gz for the selenium server with wrapper scripts to run it as daemon or windows service.

LOPSA Mentorship Program

Hello everyone,

recently I joined LOPSA and became a mentor. To get to know more about the LOPSA Mentorship Progam , take a look at the homepage: LOPSA Mentorship Program

My first protege is Michael from Poland. His project is about securing Apache and Tomcat. This is also his first participation, so we both are very exited about how this will develop. As far as I can tell now, it is very helpful for both parts: mentor and protege. I will post the progress here.