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and now the matching presentation to the podcast at redmonk I mentioned earlier. Their are some very good statements in this presentation. The tools section is not so important for the mentioned tools, but for the statements that are combined with the tools:
  • single click build
  • single click deployment
  • monitoring for app and systems
  • understanding for all metrics independent of app or system
  • dark launches
But as the last slide says, it is not easy. Try to start with one point or in one project and try to establish it. When it is working take the next point or the next project.

Very good are the slides about culture. One I specially want to mention is slide 57 "Don't just say 'No'". I don't know what was said during the presentation, but my understanding of this sentence is as follows:
You can say 'No', but when explain why and give alternatives. When you don't have alternatives, just say it and try to find alternatives together.
The slides about fingerpointing don't need any comment. Just take a look at them and you know everything.

But there are also slides I do not fully agree with. I don't think dev should have full access to all systems. They definitly must have access to a test environment which is almost the same as production, but they do not necessaries need access to production. They should have access to logs, but not the wrights to restart services or change anything. In my opinion this would be the same as ops changing some code. This can work in small organisations where most people do have more than one role, but not in bigger organisations.

Here is the presentation:
Also take a look at Johns blog

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