finally I got myself to start this blog. I've mixed feelings about it. But I will never know what would have happened if I don't start writing it. The main topic for this blog will be the work of developers and sysadmins and what is going wrong at the contact points in my opinion. I'm working as a sysadmin, so my opinions about this topic might be a little biased, but there for are the comments. I hope a lot people (both devs and ops) will comment on my postings. As I'm a sysadmin there will also be some post about my daily work. They will be for my personal documentation and to share my knowledge or get some ideas on doing things in an other way. The topics will most like be Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Java, monitoring (esp. nagios) and some other minor topics.

I'm not the first person writing about this topic, but perhaps I have some new points of view. You'll find some additional links to other blogs or ressources in the link section.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.


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